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Post cataract surgery/worried

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My mom is a 66 year-old, a smoking woman for about ~40 years.
– No high glucose.
– Usually with a low blood pressure (normal).
– High self making cholesterol, Treatment of pills.
– Usually a healthy person.

On 29.6.17 she passed a cataract surgery and only after about 3 weeks, she started to see clearly.
during these 3 weeks, she felt some itchings but with no pain. the doctor that made the surgery said that everything is OK.
she also asked for another opinion from a specialized doctor and also he told her that everything is OK.

After about 2 month from the surgery, SUDDENLY, she lost her vision in the In the operated eye.
she said that she felt some dizzy and then got totally blind in one eye.
we took her to the emergency room, then she passed a CT brain , neurological tests, eco test ect.
mean while, after some hours, she started to see only silhouettes, until now.

The doctor’s diagnostic is that she passed a “mini stroke” since he saw an obstruction in the retina’s blood vessels
and she also smoke a lot…

We have two questions:
1. what can be done in order to make her see in the eye again.
2. can it be due to the surgery? i know that everybody told that there no relations, but to much coincidence make me wander…

Thank you

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Really suggest you make an appointment to see a doctor that specializes in vision and eye surgery. Anytime vision is completely lost I wouldn’t suggest waiting for it to come back again. I had cataract/vision correction surgery recently and not seeing as well as I had thought I would afterwards. However, doctor is telling me it takes time for optimal vision to happen after surgery sometimes, but I haven’t lost my vision, so have not experienced the same situation that your Mom has. Hope she can see specialist soon and they can help restore vision…..best thoughts are with you, good luck.

I do not know if this helps, but I will share that a Retina Specialist treats issues involving the retina.
I was referred to one by my ophthalmologist when I experienced a sudden loss of vision in one eye. A blood seepage and inflammation resulted in a retinal vein occlusion. I have not had cataract surgery.
The retina specialist has extensive information about retina issues.
I hope this is helpful.

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