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cherriann (@cherriann)

Post cataract surgery/worried

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Hello @cherriann, Welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect! I’m sorry to hear you are having concerns post operatively.

I had a girlfriend that had a similar surgery and it took her a full three months to get her vision straight. It was a long three months and she was very nervous but her vision post op is better than ever and totally worth the wait.

I would like to call in @jimhd and @joan912, both members who have had cataracts removed. I hope they will be able to fill you in on their experiences.

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Hello. I have not had cataract surgery, so I can’t provide any information. I hope you feel better and your eye heals soon.

Thank you for your kind reply, Joan. I am at least thankful there is no pain, and hopefully other concerns will bring answers/solutions soon.

I had cataract surgery on my left eye a month ago yesterday. Vision is worse now than before surgery. I see double in that eye. I paid for a Toric lens. Doctor cannot tell me what has gone wrong. Anyone who thinks cataract surgery is an easy operation or has positive outcomes, should think twice. Doctor is now talking about doing another operation on that eye.

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