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Laser treatment for spinal stenosis?

Spine Health | Last Active: Dec 29, 2022 | Replies (24)

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Since several of you have asked about my laser therapy, today was my second visit. I will admit that I had some days of major pain after visit #1. The only reason I went back was because I am out of options for any other solution. Today, however, I had both class 4 laser treatment and spinal decompression. And, for the first time in a very long time, I was able to stand on my feet and actually cook dinner. I also attended a 2 hour meeting on a very uncomfortable chair. I am cautiously optimistic but aware of how much inflammation I must deal with. Will keep you posted. I really appreciate this group's support. Leslie324

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Hi, @leslie324
How are you doing? DId you get any more laser treatments? I hope all is going well.

Greetings Mamie!
I was really seeing improvement last week and was able to shop and walk a mile last Sat. Then I tried to teach Rory, our Cocker Spaniel, to play soccer. Tripped over kitchen trash can, hit head and neck on wall, fell and landed on sit bones. Shattered radius in left arm for 4th time, bruised ribs and badly hurt S1. Spent 3 days in hospital. Am home now and catching up on sleep. Supposedly I can return for therapy next week. Thank you so much for your kind thoughts and concern. Leslie324

Oh, my gosh! I wish you a quick recovery from your recent injuries and a return to continued overall improvement.

You won't believe my latest disaster. In Week #3 of laser and spinal decompression therapy. We decided our hyper cocker spaniel would like to learn soccer with a small stuffed soccer ball. I just let go with a hard kick, fell over the kitchen trash can, slammed into a wall and landed on my lower back. Spent 3 days in hospital with broken wrist, bruised ribs, incredibly painful back. Came home finally but sent right back to reset bone with cast from fingers to shoulder. Back and rib pain excruciating. Will try going back to chiropractor this week. At 75, I guess my soccer days are over! Leslie324

I am so so sorry to hear this. Ouch! Hopes for a speedy recovery.