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Laser treatment for spinal stenosis?

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Hi @leslie324
Which type of laser surgery is being talked about here -- the cutting kind of laser or the therapeutic kind? I've received Class IV laser therapy which is a non-invasive deep "light" treatment. It's been used in veterinary medicine for years and now is being used in the offices of chiropractors, podiatrists and some orthopedic surgeons. Its proponents say it is proven to reduce inflammation and pain. I've had laser treatments for pain between the point of hip and knee (for which I had been dry needled, electrically stimulated, etc., without success) that finally got rid of it after six treatments. I've also had it used on my lower back, and on a swollen ankle. Here's one "study" to look at, though I can not vouch for it - don't know how scientific if is:
Of just do some online searches for Class IV laser therapy and decide for yourself.

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Thank you so much, Mamie. We were discussing both types of treatment. The case the surgeon discussed at length was actual laser surgery. He did point out that patients successfully treated non-surgically don't come back to him. He did urge me to be careful since some practioners seem to over- charge patients. I have been researching and found the article you sent to be helpful. I plan to check into it further. Leslie