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I had an episode of syncope on 01/29/2019 where I lost vision and blacked out for approximately 45 minutes. I had had a mild migraine that day and then a awful migraine that has lasted off and on since then (almost a month). I'm on a medication to manage the migraines and have gone about 4 days without migraine since the syncope episode. During the two weeks after the syncope episode, particularly about 1 week after, I started to notice issues with my memory since the episode on the 29th. I completed a brain MRI without contrast on 01/31/19 where a brain malformation was identified on 02/04 MRI with contrast, ended up being a capillary entanglesia (brain birth mark) in my right lateral pons. Contrast MRI also revealed what appeared to be a small 2mm ICA Right Subchoid aneurysm. My primary care physican told me it was nothing to worry about and contemplated referring me to neurology. Around 02/09 I began having more significant issues with memory, difficulty speaking and complete facial numbness. I was evaluated at the hospital and they noted weakness on both sides of my body, more predominantly on my left. They gave me an injection of medication for complex/hemipleagic migraine. This made the majority of symptoms greatly reduced after approximately 45 minutes. However, intense pressure (felt like a balloon) remained behind my right eye. Spoke with neurosurgeon on 02/19 (finally) and he is going to have me complete an angiogram because he is concerned that it could be an infundibulum, not an ICA aneurysm.

Additional information/family history: My 3.5 year old daughter has a brain malformation (unknown), they previously thought it was an AVM. However, they are thinking it could be a CVM. Within 24 hours of birth she presented with seizures. MRI revealed that she had a stroke. They have completed several MRI's since then and are now doing them annually (she will have another one in April when she is 4) but the area has shown up unclear on past MRIs for them to make an official determination of the type of malformation that she has that caused her to have a stroke.

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Hi, @sam89 – welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. I'm sorry to hear about your dear daughter, and also about all these symptoms you've been experiencing, with losing vision, blacking out, migraines, syncope episode, memory issues, difficulty speaking and facial numbness.

Since your neurosurgeon is now wondering about whether this is an internal carotid artery (ICA) aneurysm or an infundibulum, it's good that you will be having the angiogram and get some clarity.

Hoping that @smartmove2 @kariulrich @angie4 @kimbo @hopeful33250 will return and offer their support and insights as you seek to define clearly if you have an infundibulum.

How are your symptoms today? Which symptom is causing you the most trouble?

Hello @sam89,

Last year you posted about health concerns for both you and your daughter. How are you doing? Have you had any treatments that have helped the symptoms you were experiencing?

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