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I am completely lost. During the most abnormal migraine of my life 3 weeks ago, I was given an mri. An infibulum was found. My migraine continues on and off for 21 days now. I have strange neurological symptoms like numbness on one side and terrible cognitive issues like never before, yet my Neurologist insists I don't need to be seen again for 6 months and the symptoms are all due to a regular migraine - completely unrelated to the infibulum. I have family history of stroke and aneurysm. This is not a "normal" migraine for me. Am I being an alarmist or is a second opinion warranted here? I just feel so defeated after 2 er visits and 2 Neuro appts.. they just say its all normal. It will go away. In the meantime, ive lost 3 weeks of my life.

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Completely normal to respond the way you have and I always recommend a second opinion. Make sure you find a neurologist that is willing to work with you and your symptoms. Your headaches may not be associated, however they need to be treated appropriately. You need to be monitored no mater the size of the aneurysm. You need a chance to understand your symptoms and what they mean, it takes a while to figure out if and when you should be alarmed. I know the feeling of defeat, adovocate for yourself...it is not an easy task, I know...but we are here for you. Hang in there @angie4

Asking for your medical reports and cd is very smart to do. You can read the radiology reports and decide if you need to find a new doctor or speak to a new specialist to assure you of the findings

At first, I thought I had an ear problem coz i my left ear always muffled and had a ringing sound. they tested my ear and it was fine so the doctor just cleaned it. The. I keep having numbness on my left face and cognitive issues same as yours I thought I was having a heart attack. But I went to see a neurologist. He ordered an MRI and they saw a white matter on the left side of my brain so he ordered an MRI then that's time they saw a funnel-looking shape and I was diagnosed with pom infundibulum 2mm. The doctor didn't give me anything he said I'm good and don't need to be seen after 6 months and we will just keep monitoring. I just noticed that every time I eat healthy the left side of my brain feels ok but when I eat badly a headache and a funny feeling on the left side of my face and ear. Do you have any follow-up with your doctor? If yes. What's the prognosis?