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Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia

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I have CLL and thus far just in "wait and watch", but your information is very interesting. Thank you !

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I’m newly diagnosed March 2018 and in wait and watch as well. It’s helpful to hear the status of others and receive more education and suggestions. Thank you

Dear Adriano, I'm newly diagnosed with CLL in March. How have you been managing the fatigue so far? Hope this is a good day for you. katerose

Hello @katerose, thank you for sharing your diagnosis of CLL. Although the following conversation is about Lymphoma, I thought the topic might be relevant to you because it is about being in the Wait & Watch protocol. You may find it worth your time to check out the discussion and learn how other members are handling a blood cancer while in the wait and watch approach, https://connect.mayoclinic.org/discussion/non-hodgkins-lymphoma-watch-wait-approach/.

Thank you Justin. The information you provided gives me a wider perspective and glimmer of how the challenges are being met.

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