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@caligali Barb, we liked the Pontre Vedra area. Lots of newer homes and apts, and only 7 minutes from the Mayo.

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@windwalker, I am so happy that Colleen caught my error in sending to the wrong mentor! I knew that you would have some helpful information to share with @caligali.
Blessings to both of you on your journey.

Not an error, Rosemary. @llwortman's info was helpful too. Who doesn't like getting a breath of Linda's inspiration? 🙂

@caligali and @windwalker, I'm so glad you CONNECTed. When you meet in person at the Tuesday transplant support group, I hope you'll tell the others about Connect and how you met. I'll make sure that there are handouts there. Right @keggebraaten?

Yes! I will make sure they have brochures there. Thanks!

Yes definitely will tell them!

@colleenyoung and @caligali, I usually do not go to the support meetings unless I am in Florida for an appointment. Am packing right now to escape hurricane. Will probably go MiA for awhile, will be out-running the hurricane.

Stay Safe!!! My Mayo trip is cancelled for now due to the hurricane!

Stay safe, @windwalker and @caligali.

I'm in Calif so I'm safe @colleenyoung We both need to send positive vibes for safety to @windwalker !!!

@caligali, Thank you for the positive vibes! I am sure I will need them. I don't even know which direction to go to escape the hurricane until we know for sure it's path. I have hotel reservations all over the place to make sure we have shelter somewhere. We got stuck last year with no where to go because all surrounding state's hotels and AirB&B were full. We ended up in Opelika, Alabama of all places!!!

Oh no!!!! So smart to prebook! I would go NW of Fl. I will continue to think of you and sending you positivity and strength!!!