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@caligali, I would like to welcome you to Mayo Connect. Thank you for posting this question. I am sure that it is one very pressing question that many people have struggled with. I will be looking forward to learning what others have to say.

In my own situation, my husband and I were able to 'live' at the Gift of Life Transplant House. We were there 11 weeks, and 3 of those were post transplant recovery. I was flown to Mayo, Rochester, from ICU in Kentucky by my local transplant team. We never had the opportunity to discuss it beforehand, but during my time of waiting and hospitalizations in Rochester, we did actually discuss it. My follow up care includes a yearly visit to Rochester. My after care is coordinated between my local PCP and Mayo. I had a liver/kidney transplant. After the transplant, my health needs are fairly simple, so this works well for us. My husband says that if we had to make visits to Rochester more often, then he would want to consider it.

Are you listed, or are you waiting?

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Thank you for your info! I am still in evaluation in Jacksonville for lung transplant. I have to have a couple of procedures and one little heart surgery before I will be comsidered. Having done next month! Barb

@caligali, Do you live at a distance from Jacksonville? Distance has a lot to do with your decision. There is Transplant housing in Jacksonville for you to consider. Here is the link.

Barb, I had a liver/kidney transplant. So the recovery is different. I suggest you discuss it with your transplant team. They will be able to guide you as to what is best for you.

I would like to bring one of our mentors, @llwortman, into this conversation. She is a patient at the lung transplant Dept. at Mayo Jacksonville. She might have some thoughts on this topic to share with you.

Barb, I am happy to meet you. You are in the best possible level of care at Mayo Clinic. I wish for you to have good results from your procedures. I look forward to walking with you as you proceed on your journey.

Hi Rosemarya & Barb:
It is important fir me to clarify that I am a lung cancer survivor, never smoker, who had VATS lung cancer resection of my left lung at Mayo Clinic in Rochester MN.

I did not have lung transplant and I have not received medical care anywhere else but Mayo Clinic Rochester MN.

I do know that Mayo Clinic Jacksonville is a excellent facility. I have met the brilliant Dr. Mathew Thomas who is an excellent Heart Lung Surgeon. He trained under my thorasic surgeon Dr Stephen Cassivi! And
it is the Mayo Team approach that has helped me accept lung cancer and rise above the challenges that can come with any disease or challenge.

Keep a positive attitude. Think about listening g to Dr Amit Sood TED Talk or reading his books that are a key to my
conquering lung cancer and considering
this journey my blessing.

Eat healthy, keep active and push through.
Let's stay connected ok?

Thank you for responding too Linda! My family are big fans of Mayo. They saved my husband's life in Rochester and did great female surgery on me in Arizona. I am a firm believer in the power of a positive attitude! Thank you for the ideas! Wishing you wellness and peace on your pathways. Barb

@caligali I agree, a positive attitude really does make a difference. My family and friends credit my excellent recovery from my liver transplant, and also how well I was doing prior to transplant, to my attitude.
I presume from your name you are in California. My son lives in southern CA (Hermosa Beach) and his girlfriend is a floating nurse at the UCLA medical facility. From what I hear from her it's rank is up there as one of the best in the nation. She loves working there because of what a great place it is, and I suspect she is a great nurse, she has a very pleasant demeanor and I am sure is a welcome addition to any patient's healthcare.
That being said, of course Mayo is at the very top. I was transplanted at Mass General which has been ranked third in the nation, to Mayo and Cleveland Clinic which were numbers 1 and 2. I loved MGH, they were wonderful and my surgeon is top-notch. It's great to see that pretty much everyone who has gone through this process is very positive about the medical care they received at whichever transplant facility they were at patient at.