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Meditation prior to sleep

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Tonight, I’m afraid to go to sleep. I’ve been waking up with a panic attack, feeling smothered, like death is imminent. Peripheral neuropathy pain in my feet keeps waking me up. I have a BIPAP, using nasal pillows, which I am liking after more than 15 years with a full face mask, but I wake up with my mouth so dry I can’t swallow. I usually get back to sleep after an hour or so, out of sheer exhaustion. I think I might be getting the flu or something, with aching, diarrhea and no energy. Or it could be depression. I have a therapy appointment today. Well, back to the bathroom, and maybe then another stretch of sleep.


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So sorry to hear that sleep was not coming easily last night, @jimhd. The panic part seems like it would feel downright scary. Were you finally able to get any rest? Did the panic attack ease any?

@jimhd I hope you got or get some sleep. I’m exhausted too, woke up at 5:00 and couldn’t get back to sleep. I may try again after breakfast – it’s 8:14 here now. I have no idea why this happens to me sometimes but it ruins my day when it does.

I do this too about 4 or 5 times a week. Sometimes it my restless legs and sometimes I just wake up for no reason. I am so tired of it. I have to cancel so many things because I am to tired to go out.

@lknightb I haven’t had a job in a number of years but I also have to sometimes not do something because of the fatigue not sleeping causes. Most often that is my water exercise. I always figure I would fall asleep in the pool and drown!

I’m with all of you. 22 years of sleep disorder and still need medication. Now need the Bi-Papmachine also that I am so grateful I was told I was snoring and did not know it. Tests showed I needed it and have it now. Supportive to you to try different options.

Makes me feel sad that you can you can’t do your water exercises. That’s what i’ve heard the circle of sleep deprivation is all about.
No sleep, do not eat well, drink too much caffein to stay awake that makes one not sleep, exercise to help you sleep is not done so we are more stressed, Stress adds to not sleeping, and pain so one can’t sleep…got to get it solved. Started a sleep program at Mayo that was very helpful, no TV, computer, in bedroom, not even pets in bed. Sleep journal and charted when sleep was available in those circumstances. Works for most people. And, here I am on the bright lights of a computer so I am not following the program today.
But feels good to communicate with you. Feels good and it’s so good to feel emotionally good when we go to sleep, thanks, Kristina

@101082101082 – Kristina, after discovering I have sleep apnea, my mother told me that when we were traveling, and I was sleeping, she would wonder when I was going to start breathing again. I wish I’d known that decades earlier. But then, I don’t know how much information was available for apnea 50 years ago. I’m happy to have made the change from CPAP to BIPAP, and from full face mask to nasal pillows. They’re more comfortable and less bulky and leaky. And quieter, which makes my wife happy.


Jim, same with me. Someone has to give us the information that we are snoring so we can do something about this.  The lavender head band and pillows are so easy and noise does not bother anyone.

People do not realize the serious results on one's cardiovascular system with snoring.

How can we help with that?

Appreciate you.  Kristina

@101082101082 Thanks for the kindred feelings on sleep. It’s always some comfort to know that our problems are shared by others.
When it comes to not using the computer I think i’m an anomaly. I sit up in bed with my iPad and it literally puts mr to sleep!

Thank God I am not working anymore either but so often I would go into work on 3 hours of sleep. I sleep a little better when I exercise which I think I will do now.

@lknightb I agree, exercise does help. For me, not only does it help with getting to sleep, but it does energize me for the rest of the day, so I really try hard to get out early and do it. Early to me is getting to my health club by 9:00 for water aerobics.

@101082101082 – Kristina, I’m happy to be seeing commercials on TV about sleep apnea, and the health risks of untreated apnea. I hadn’t realized how many problems result before I had my first sleep study years ago.

I know that it’s supposed to be a no no to use a screen within an hour of sleep time. But here I am doing the forbidden.

Oh well. I don’t often have any trouble going to sleep. .


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