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Terri Martin, Volunteer Mentor (@windwalker)

How To Prevent Re-Infection of MAC/MAI

MAC & Bronchiectasis | Last Active: Nov 29, 2021 | Replies (16)

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@mobmcb Do you see the previous text above this reply post?

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Yes mam I do I am poking around like you suggested reading some very interested information. I appreciate you helping me I am sure I will have more question of you don't mind

@mobmcb Feel free to ask questions, that is what I am here for. I am glad that you are navigating around the site and learning. The info will help you to advocate for your husband. FYI, there is also a 'Caregivers' group here on Connect. A very kind man, named Scott, heads that group. It takes a lot to care for a seriously ill spouse. Have you seen that group?

I have not seen the group..approx what does it cost to go to mayo for evaluation

What is the life expectancy of someone who's one lung is already useless and it doesn't seem that after 4yrs that he's getting any better but worse

@mobmcb Hello. I have heard several people mention that if you do not have an insurance company that Mayo takes or are on Disability, the cost is $5000.00 plus. You will have to call Mayo and discuss that.