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Anxiety and Depression

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@mckenzie, I’m sorry things are not going well for you right now. I do hope your day goes well and you can start feeling better soon. I saw where you wanted to talk about depression, sarcoidosis, anxiety, panic attack, and being lonely without a companion. Well, I think I could talk about any and all those topics. I deal with depression, on a daily basis, it’s pretty much a constant for me to work on it even on my better days. Because I know if I’m not working on myself, even if it’s just reminding myself to be affirmative to myself. Always working on my self-esteem and self-worth, because if I don’t I know that it won’t take much to sink lower each time it comes up and I don’t deal with it. Sarcoidosis: I was diagnosed with it in 1987, I am thankful to know that I do not have anything active at this time. But through the years, when I feel an episode coming on it is usually when I’m feeling stressed, so it is important for me to continue to try and stay away from things I know will stress me out. It has affected different areas of my body and I am continually needing to deal with them. I try to stay as active as I can and involved with friends and family and volunteering, trying to help others, and that helps me feel useful and that I can contribute to my community. Anxiety & panic attacks: I find myself having to deal with anxiety pretty often, and this goes along with what I said above. For me, my physical health and mental health is connected in every way. When I feel panic and very anxious, I use my mindful exercises. Try to ground myself in my surroundings. By that I mean to stop for a little bit and be very aware of everything, even the sounds around me. I have learned to take deep breaths in through my nose, count to five, hold for five, and release through my mouth slowly, counting to five.
Well, let’s see, that brings me to feeling lonely at times without a companion. I do feel lonely at times, I think we all do at different times. All the things I’ve listed above help me with that too. I also have a dog who is very comforting, take her for walks, and we usually run in to people, some I know and some I don’t, but they are always commenting on my dog that she is cute, very good and things like that. I do a lot of writing, I enjoy writing poetry and that helps too. I do hope things start settling down for you and you begin to feel better soon. I am so happy for these groups that we can come together and share our experiences and ask questions and help each other. I wish you well and I hope something I said may help you to at least know that you are not alone! We are all going through something in our lives, and even if it’s not the same things the feelings are very similar.

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@magspierce I appreciate your kind and encourage words to @mckenzie. You have provided some “food for thought” and good suggestions from moving out of depression and anxiety.


Thank-You Teresa, I am Going To Try Some Of Your exercising techniques. I Finally Been Able To Get Out Of House Lately And Think That’s What Had A Lot To Do With My Depression. My Sarcoidosis Is Affecting Me Now But I Am Learning To Deal With It As Days Go By. I Am On Medication For My Anxiety And It’s Helping Me As Well. My Family Is Not Very Supported At At All Because They Are Really In Denial Because I’ve Always Been The Active Outgoing Dependable one in The Family. But I Appreciate Your Help Very Much.


I’m so glad to get your post! As much as possible, Keep Moving!


Interesting, I’ve been suffering severely with anxiety, depression and panic attacks for 3 months now, all related to coming off Lyrica, which I am down to only 50 mg per day now. I awake in the morning with shear terror, get up come downstairs and hang on to the kitchen sick with fry heaving and nausea. I take an 0.5 mg of Ativan and it usually kicks in with in a half hour. Ativan is only temporary. I’m exhausted, weak lod5 25 lbs in three months, food makes me nauseous I can’t even look at it. I have to force myself to even try to put something in my mouth. I have an appointment Jan 16 with a psychiatrist hoping she can help me be myself again. I’ve always been outgoing neve4 afraid of anything. I feel so bad for my family, I don’t want to cook or do anything. Ask my husband yesterday to go by me a gun bear cause now I know wh6 people commit Suicide!

Hi @cdcc, you are not alone. There are several people here on Connect who have had similar experiences. I’d like to bring @jimhd into this discussion. May I ask what you were taking Lyrica for and why you’ve decided to taper off of it? Is it possible that you are tapering too quickly? Have you talking to your doctor about your panic attacks and suicide thoughts?

Hi Colleen
I was on Lyrica 300mg daily for trigeminal nerve shingles severe case that I had to use doctors at Johns Hopkins. They gave me Lyrica for the severe itch on the side of my nose right eye, forehead to the crown of my head which is still persistent. I decided to go off Lyrica because I began loosing my teeth which is one of the minimal side effects they found in their clinical studies. Being that it is minimal they do not put it in their contraindications. My tapering off of it was precise from Pfizer and potion control. But since taking it for four years the tapering schedule wasn’t long enough for me. I am still taking 50mg daily which I am to taper to half capsule daily, I have not tried this yet as I still feel so out of it. My doctor has me on 0.5 mg Ativan daily but only for short term use. When I awake in the morning I am so nauseated and dry heaving you would think I have morning sickness which I don’t . I usually try not to take the Ativan for awhile but it usually doesn’t work and I get really bad off. I’ve lost 23 lbs since Oct and I am tiny to begin with. All thecwuthdrawl symptoms I’m having are the same symptoms this friggin drug can cause when first taking it. I do have an appt with a psychiatrist Jan 16, I have no idea what else to do except get a lawyer and sue them for what this has done to me. Someone needs to pay. I feel like I’m never going to be myself again

You are more then welcome to bring Jim into my situation. Lord knows I say my rosary every night praying for Gods help to heal me

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