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Anxiety and Depression

Depression & Anxiety | Last Active: Jan 2, 2018 | Replies (31)

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just need someone to talk to

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Hello @mckenzie, and welcome to Connect.

I moved your message to another discussion where members are talking about anxiety and depression. If you are replying by email, I reccomend scrolling to the bottom of the notification and clicking on VIEW & REPLY so you will be brought to the full discussion and can read what some other members have posted. In that discussion you can meet members talking about anxiety and depression.

@mckenzie, if you are comfortable sharing with the other members of Connect, what sort of things do you currently use to help with your anxiety and depression?

Nice to meet you @mckenzie

I’m glad that you reached out to Mayo Connect – we all need someone to talk with! Mayo Connect is a great place to do that, so please share with us what you would like to discuss – we are here and we are listening!


I want to talk about multiple issues regarding depression sarcoidosis anxiety panic attack and being lonely without a companion

Hi McKenzie, I too suffer with depression and anxiety and I am single. It would be so nice sometimes to have someone’s shoulder to lean on. I have family but it is not the same as having a companion.

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