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@davebarnes, I can understand your, "hmmmm". It can get confusing for us patients. and also confusing, it seems, for our family doctors. I remember that I had some hepatitis shots and other shots somewhere during the time that I was diagnosed with my liver disease. I do not know what all they were. I learned that they are given for our protection as a prevention for when we get that transplant. Some of the injections cannot be given after a transplant and they have to happen ahead of time.
With liver disease and transplant, the transplant doctors look much more carefully into things that family doctors do not have training and expertise in - a higher degree of specialty and level of care is needed now. It is possible that they saw a need, or it might be routine protocol for pre transplant. Only your team knows this answer.
Also, it is not unusual for the Mayo to call you between visits to request another test or procedure or labs.
I am happy to hear that you are being taken care of 🙂
How are you feeling these days?

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Good Morning Rosemarry, It turns out the Hep shots are only precautionary sand I don't have it. 🙂

@davebarnes, Hi Dave, thanks for checking in. That solves your puzzle of why your family doctor was not concerned!

Dave, are you familiar with the Transplant Pages? I would like to this valuable resource with you. I think you will see some helpful information.