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Klonopin taper

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I started with a dosage of 200mg of quetiapine at night and 200xr during supper. I started tapering the nighttime medication at a rate of 50 mg every two weeks until I was completely tapered off this dosage . Then I stared tapering the quetiapine xr at a rate of 50 mg every two months. I am now only on 50 mg of quetiapine at supper. I also take 0.5 mg of clonazepam twice a day. I missed a few dosages of clonazepam a week ago and noticed difficulty sleeping at night. I also am having difficulty falling asleep and I am waking up earlier than I used to ( around 6: am ). I have had about 5 hours of sleep during the past two days instead of my regular 8 hours. Everything was going smoothly until I forgot taking the pills at night. I am following this tapering schedule from my psychiatrist.

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Hi, @linda66 – that is wise that you got this tapering schedule from your psychiatrist and that you are trying to taper off the clonazepam and the quetiapine one at a time.

Hoping members discussing clonazepam here, like @mel6415 @thankful @beatester @imabamagal @gman007 and others may have some insights for you as you navigate the tapering process with both medications.

Wondering if your psychiatrist is planning to put you on different medications after these tapers or move to another type of treatment?

Thanks Linda. Why did your psychiatrist want you to stop taking clonazepam? Also, I keep a daily record of what I take and review it every night, It really helps me with keeping track of my scheduled doses. I also make comments if something happens I think is important. I appreciate your help.