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My story isn't as severe as the others' here, but I have always had a "hard" heart beat, but never thought much of it until around age of 40 (4 yr ago). Last year, went to a cardiologist, halter monitor reported 8,000 pvcs. In summary, ran multiple tests and he and my cousin (cardiologist at Duke) said that it's not destructive or bad, just irritating. Thus, no discussion of ablation at this point. So, here's my opinion after discussing with 2 great cardiologists (cousin and my current Dr.): Since it's not destructive (not going to increase my problems for a heart condition in 10 or 30 years), then I can put up with the heart beats. However, I am VERY reluctant to take any type of medicine. My Dr. (& cousin) suggested I take a low dose (25 mg) or metoporol. I resisted for 6 months and decided I'd give it a try. The very 1st night of taking it, I slept better than I had in 10 years! Totally different person. I think that my "hard" heart beats, etc. were waking me up out of deep sleep; metoporol calmed that down. In addition, my sinus surgery (I had terrible sinus problems) also added to a good nights sleep. Thus, I've been on toporol for about a year now and when I get off of it for a week or so, I can tell a difference. Thus, I'm sticking to it. Might reduce the dose as suggested by the Doc, because he said I only need to take it for "comfort;" it's not required.

Thought I'd share, even though I doubt it helps much on this string of posts

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Thanks so much for sharing @texas7777. Glad to know that the metoprolol is working for you.
Please do keep sharing and posting – knowing more about our health journeys always helps others going through similar trials and challenges.

Have been taking metoprolol for three years and hasn't helped my pvc's or afib incidents.

Are you taking anything with it.
You may need to have your doctor
go over your meds.

I myself, take a couple other drugs
with the Medication.
Diltiazam furoesemide and
For myself, I feel its working

Keep us in formed.

I am so glad you are taking this med. Yes, it is calming for myself. I like to resist doctors
and,then, find that their advice
Is often good for me.
Keep taking it.
There are lots of good years
I'm hanging on for some

Enjoy, your hobbies and,
See less of the white coat guys.