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Nose cartilage pain, no redness or swelling

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Hello @john02445, Welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. Thank you for posting to our community, we are happy to have you here. Mayo Clinic Connect is a place where people can share medical experiences and find support. However, we are not medical professionals and cannot diagnose your symptoms. I can suggest an introduction to others here discussing similar symptoms though.

I would like to e-introduce you to @ladysky, @citylady, @digmeme, @robbinr and @pizon, all members here who have talked about sinus pain. Can any of you discuss with @john02445 if your sinus symptoms were similar to what he is explaining?

John, have you called to make an appointment with your Primary care provider? Have you experienced a recent fever or anything that would flag for infection? Do you remember bumping your nose at any point within the past few days? keep us updated and let us know what your physician suggests.

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I had my nose operated on 9 years ago (deviated septum) and ever since then I have had face pain around my nose and eyes plus constant headaches.. Checked back with doctor and he did not see anything wrong. About 3 years ago the pain got worse covering my whole face and back to my ears. Also my face is hot with no temperature. Doctors have tried a lot of things with no good results. Now my headaches have gotten worse so I just had a CT done and the bridge of my nose is "crushed" (I am 71 and nothing I can think of that would have caused that). I have a consult coming up, but would like to be prepared before it so I don't have to be in pain any longer that I have to be. It seemed like everything started with the first operation 9 years ago, but pain has increased since then and nothing found to help. Hopefully this CT will help the doctors, but would welcome any options from someone the clinic. Thanks