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LINX procedure

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Are you speaking with a LINX surgeon?
I just had surgery on Jan 22nd 2019 to re-repair a large hiatal hernia and my surgeon who does the LINX procedure undid a Nissan wrap from 24yrs ago that had slipped. She then applied the LINX band. I've been heartburn free for the 1st time on 30yrs. It's awesome.
My surgeon Dr Helen Sohn who works out of Grossmont Hospital in La Mesa CA. which is San Diego east county. She is also part of a nation wide net work of Drs specializing in the LINX procedure.

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I'm told I'm not a candidate for Linx after my Nissen. Not because it can't be done but because of the strength of my esophagus muscles. My esophagus doesn't have the strength to open the Lynx when I swallow. I go see my surgeon on 2/28 to see what options I have.

Happy to hear that people who have had Nissan done may be able to have the LINX. I’m so happy I had it done.

Hi, could your surgeon tell that the Fundoplication had slipped? before he did your Linx surgery? I had a Fundoplication surgery in 2010..Every thing was fine. Until I fell very hard on stomach/rib cage. Both feet slipped out from underneath me on a step muddy incline. It knocked the air out of me and hurt so bad. Do you think that could have moved the Fundoplication? But it looks ok on the upper GI test. The barium swallow text shows esophagus is having spasms. And spasms in the vocal cords. But a tho all text show to b normal I’m having pure acid and spams, it hurts to swallow, plus this time I’m hvin asthma related to acid, or at least that’s what I think it is. Because I’ve never had asthma before. Any information would help
Thank you