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LINX procedure

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I am very anxious to hear more about this procedure. But I am glad to know someone else does not take the PPis. I have been telling drs for years I don’t want them because I already have severe osteoporosis. I take Nexium for a few days when things get very bad. I have had GERD and swallowing problems most of my life. I have had many endoscopies and stretching. They finally sent me to a speech therapist which has helped some. Just today my dr told me to quit taking the PPi but because it causes dizziness which I have had for over a year. She told me to use Zantac and Tums. I do want to hear about this Linx procedure. I will read up on it and see what else you have to say.

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I too am interested in Linx procedure. I have read many people who have had it with mixed reviews. Some love it and some people are having LINX removed. I have Barrett’s esophagus and do not take ppis anymore. I am on Pepsid instead. I was on PPI for 14 months to heal a large ulcer. But it started to affect my kidneys. I have to have another endoscopy to see if I have dysplasia from the Barrett’s esophagus. My LES sphincter is not tight so I need to make a decision. There’s many different options. LINX is one of the newer ones.