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LINX procedure

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@drrobertsmsmft, Hi doc, can you tell me what are the harmful side effects of. ppis that everyone is so afraid of? Ive been taking them for about 10 years and without them i would have been miserable indeed. Although, i do have trouble swallowing, and gastroparesis. Plus i used to be able to sing and now i cant. I sound like a frog.
Any info would be appreciated, thanks, Dany

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Not a doctor, just my initials. Lol. Because of lawsuits against the PPIs, I’ve been against taking them. My doctor understands and told me yesterday that dementia, bone breakage, and kidney problems/failure have been linked with them. So far I’ve been able to use ranitidine (Zantac) and Tums and it’s worked well enough. I think we all have to educate ourselves and be an active partner with our doctors. Sometimes our choices stink, but we do have them. Hope you have continued success.

I am very anxious to hear more about this procedure. But I am glad to know someone else does not take the PPis. I have been telling drs for years I don’t want them because I already have severe osteoporosis. I take Nexium for a few days when things get very bad. I have had GERD and swallowing problems most of my life. I have had many endoscopies and stretching. They finally sent me to a speech therapist which has helped some. Just today my dr told me to quit taking the PPi but because it causes dizziness which I have had for over a year. She told me to use Zantac and Tums. I do want to hear about this Linx procedure. I will read up on it and see what else you have to say.

I was just diagnosed with ulcers and the BARRETTS ESOPHAGUS. was on protonix for ulcers which have healed now on Prilosec for esophagus. I don’t know how long I’m supposed to stay on them but don’t plan to be for a long time. I was feeling better but since changed to Prilosec feel worse again. Don’t know if ulcers are back or it’s the gerd. I have silent reflux so do not get heartburn just terrible pain in upper right side and pit of my stomach. It goes right through to my back. Do you think zantac would help me?

I have chosen not to take PPIs because of the negative consequences I have read about. I have take omeprezole and Nexium in the past but took myself off them and started taking tums and ranitidine (Zantac) instead. Now, the combination was not working. My doctor just increased my ranitidine prescription and I’ve only been on it for two days so…… I have still had to take Tums, but fewer. I am now looking at the LINX procedure, which you cannot choose with Barrett’s esophagus, I understand.

I would work closely with my doctor and tell him you do not want to take PPIs. Dementia, bone breaks and kidney problems/failure are not acceptable results to me.

@drrobertsmsmft I had one GI doctor suggest that I switch off between Zantac and Pepcid (neither are PPIs) and to use them on alternate months – that way you don’t develop a tolerance for either of them – just a thought – but it helps me. Teresa

Does anyone know why with Barretts esphogus the linx procedure can not be done? I have Barretts, Gerds with esophagitis. The flap from the esphogus to stomach does close, so constant back up. Been on 40 mg of Omemprazole for 5 years. I thought the linx would solve that problem . Hate to think of the side effects of the PPI’S. but my doctor says not taking them would be more harmful.