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LINX procedure

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Hello @drrobertsmsmft and welcome to Mayo Connect! I’m glad that you found this online patient support group. Is the procedure you are asking about for GERD or reflux problems? If so, I believe it is the LINX procedure. Here is Youtube video from Mayo Clinic regarding it, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1rFDc_qFTsQ. We have had other Members of our community discuss reflux and the different treatments please see the discussions at https://connect.mayoclinic.org/discussion/laryngopharyngeal-reflux-lrp-severity-and-outlook/?pg=2#comment-52068.

We look forward to getting to know you. What type of symptoms have you had and for how long? What other treatments have you tried?


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I have had GERD and acid reflux for some time but recently was diagnosed with esophagitis and a hiatal hernia after an endoscopy. My doctor told me about the LINX procedure and suggested I do some homework about it when I went to see him for continuing symptoms in spite of taking 150 mg. and of ranitidine at bedtime plus numerous Tums per day. I have refused to take any PPIs and now I will be taking ranitidine 300 mg. twice a day

@drrobertsmsmft After doing some research on the LINX procedure, how are you feeling about it now? Teresa

I had Fundoplication surgery 10yrs ago.but ive started hvin acid reflux again.with a chronic cough, lump in throat, asthma, hoarse voice, sore throat, I’ve never had asthma and the medicine for asthma makes the GERD worse.. I can’t sleep for the burning in my chest and coughing. Then it goes down in lungs and it gets very hard to breathe out. I’ve been to doctors,ERS,pulmonologist,ENT,breathing function test..BUT THEY LOOK AT ME LIKE THERES NOTHING WRONG.. I’ve been this way fir the last 4months. With very little air.very had to breathe.. So can I have the Fundoplication redone? Or the Linx done with the Fundoplication?
Thank you
Plz if u can help me 🙏

For all of you suffering from Gerd I sympathize
I easily keep my occasional acid reflux with aloa vera gel that I keep in the fridge. I teaspoon when needed..natural..no side effects never heard/read anything bad about that product!

I had Fundoplication surgery..can I hv Linx surgery now? The acid coming up is so bad.
I’m not sure what I need to do but I can’t get help because the doctors say. It can’t b acid because I’ve had Fundoplication. But I can’t even talk or drink something cold.. I start coughing then my air shuts off…but I’m coughing up food or anything I drink..
What do you recommend that I do? Or how do I go about talking to new doctor about this?
I’ve been on 3 different medication..plus all kinds of asthma medication..