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My name is Laura, and my children's father, & my ex of 20+ years just diagnosed a couple weeks ago with ADENOCARCINOMA, most consistent with CHOLANGIOCARCINOMA or upper GI primary. Going to Mayo-Rochester, MN on the 15th. Would like to hear anything about others experience , if any.

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I have cholangiocarcinoma. I've been dealing with it for 27 months. What kind of questions do you have? Happy to correspond with you if you wish.  ~ Kris

just returned from Mayo, excellent help, diagnosis for the past 7 months has been cancer of the biliary tract unspecified. after 90 minutes in the MRI tube it became clear that it was the gall bladder making all the noise. doctor and advanced practice nurse spent 2.5 hours with me and my wife going over results and making a good plan for the next year. Part of the plan includes a chemo holiday to see what happens without chemo for a couple months . the good news is cancer has not grown and lymph nodes in the base abdomen are thought be dead. felt it was top notch service and felt evert so much hopeful now that I have several doctors offering our doc advice.

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My name is John. My research showed that Mayo-Rochester is one of the top research facilities in the world for Cholangiocarcinoma Treatment. I live in Houston and am being treated here currently with Imfinzi immunotherapy. My cancer did not spread and my PET Scans show it is shrinking. I tolerate the side effects well. Feel free to share with me on this forum.