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@krishh I appreciate your post. As Colleen said I have had 3 surgeries for NETs in the upper digestive tract and I understand how discouraging it is to know that you need to deal with it once more. Please feel free to share with us how you are doing and what specific questions we can answer. Do you have a good support system in place to help you through this time? Teresa

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@hopeful33250@colleenyoung - thank you for your responses. I do have a strong support system. I am a 57 year old widow with no children, but I do have sisters and friends in the area who are extremely supportive. After removal of a large tumor in May 2015, I went on Gem Cis rather successfully until I had a terrible reaction to Cisplatin during my 15th treatment. I then was on a break for a while. Scans started showing progression, so went on FOLOFOX in Oct 2016. Did not respond and started having side affects. Then switched to FOLFIRI but had much toxicity - horrible side affects. Since early March, I have been on Xeloda (Capecitabine) and Gemcitabine with moderate success. Last scans showed no progression of disease and the side affects are almost non-existent - I'll take it! Next scans will be in August. I've been rejected for two immunotherapy trials. My doctor has suggested that 'typically' Xeloda/Gem combo lasts around 9 months. I'm just looking for someone who may have had similar treatments and wondering if there is a "What's next"? From what I've heard from oncology and my own research there is not much left to try in my case. I'm at peace with this if this is the reality, but I wanted to reach out to this platform to see if there is more to learn. Thank you for letting me share my story with you! Kris

You may be interested in following this discussion to hear other peoples' experiences with Xeloda. I'll continue to search for members who have had the Xeloda/Gemcitabine combination.
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