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Looking for what to expect as I consider Kidney Transplant

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@sevkira – I’m just joining this chat and saw your first question. I am due for a kidney transplant in about a year and hope to get one from a living donor. Of course every situation is different (I have PKD) and you should go by what the doctors say about your health but it is my understanding that a transplant is the better option if you are destined to be on dialysis. Dialysis, according to my research, only does 10% of the job of your kidney. A kidney transplant will give you a more complete/normal life. Furthermore, a transplant from a living donor may be preferable, if that is an option, because they last longer and usually start to work immediately. You are right, surgery has risks but dialysis is not without complications either so I would ask about the long term effects of dialysis (heart problems and being able to drink very little liquid are just two issues with dialysis). Either way you decide it is a big decision but Mayo will be a great source of information and will educate you with what is best in your circumstance. Best of luck!

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I’ve had both PD and HEMO dialysis, I started on PD first and did very well, I had a machine that I used at home to do the exchanges ( PD is different from HEMO in that you exchange a dextrose solution through a tube in the peritoneal cavity) HEMO uses a shunt connecting an artery with a vein and insert needles to circulate your blood through a filter to clean , I was on HEMO for 13 years and it was very taxing on my body, but I had had three prior kidney transplants……long and short of it, a transplant is always, in my opinion the best option and obviously, living donor is best but with today’s technology and drugs a good cross match is what it comes down to and good doctors.

@ca426 – It sounds like you have been through a lot! Although I don’t want your experience, your story gives me hope that I will be able to manage my upcoming transplant. Best of health to you.

You mentioned heart problems as being one of the long-term effects of dialysis. Can you elaborate on that statement….what kind of heart problems? what other kind of problems? My husband hopes to start dialysis in January 2023, and is currently being out-fitted with the portal and line. He is currently at GFR 15, or lower now, and has received the initial, preliminary paperwork from Mayo-PHX for a kidney transplant. Several years ago he had an aortic valve replacement during which he had a stroke (recovered fairly well).