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Rosemary, Volunteer Mentor (@rosemarya)

How Do I Cope When I Feel Awful?

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@rosemarya – I just started following this chat. Of course I don’t feel terrible yet, and hopefully won’t if I get a living kidney donation before I need dialysis but I’m anticipating that I might be able to relate at some point. I mentioned in another chat that fatigue is my main symptom at this time. It is a good day if I don’t need an afternoon nap. If I’m not careful that 30 minute nap can turn into 2 hours. I don’t know if it is my kidney health (still not on dialysis), getting up a lot in the middle of the night, or being out of shape. I hope others join us in this conversation.


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@lcamino Lynn, I had the same problems and I too never knew if it was all my exercising or my condition. I still have some days when I need to nap but oddly I am less apt to on days when I go to my club and do my water exercises.
I have seen my “power naps” also become an hour and a half to two hours. I hate that but it rarely causes me to not sleep, which I have trouble anyway most nights.

@contentandwell – I agree that I nap less often if I exercise that day which is why I tend not to think the fatigue is from my kidney function. Since I believe we are both up a lot at night I believe has the biggest impact on our need to nap during the day. If I don’t nap I’m definitely ready for an earlier bedtime.


@lcamino I used to be up until all hours of the night, a clone of my mother, but now I do make an effort to get to bed earlier, particularly if I have an early morning the next day. I was the youngest of four children and I often stayed up late (11:00) with my mother and everyone else was in bed. Those are good memories.