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Restless legs syndrome (RLS) and mirtazapine

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Hello @rwlovell,

I’d like to add my welcome, and thank you for joining us on Connect, and sharing your symptoms.

In “Anyone here dealing with peripheral neuropathy?” http://mayocl.in/2aWCYXq, @emilyanne @gailfaith @ridgerunner @peggyj4411 @rabbit10 discuss restless leg syndrome (RLS), and I hope they, along with @pattitoo @wljs @lknightb @ptfitzy, will join in with some insight for you.

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@brit @lesbatts @painwarrior @lakelifelady @roxie43 have posted about Mirtazapine (Remeron), and I wonder if they have any suggestions?

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Mirtazapine did not affect (RLS). It just didn’t seem to give me the relief with my anxiety and depression That’s when my doctor changed me to one 40mg Paxil a day and a half of diazapam in the a.m. and half in the p.m. It has helped some but still get my days of depression and anxiety. Any suggestions out there?
God Bless Patti

Make sure you get exercise, especially walking later in the day to help with RLS while taking Remeron. Also, take it around 8 pm so that you might be moving around some before bed. If it starts standing on the affected leg or stretching it out and kicking from side of bed helps too.

Requip works.