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Staying Motivated for the Long Haul

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Jane, good luck at the club! I hope I didn’t add more confusion to a topic that already has so much to think about. I actually began college studying exercise sciences and took some nutrition, exercise, and excercise planning courses.

You are correct in that BMR is the amount of calories your body theoretically burns just to maintain your current body. The more muscle tone you have, the higher your BMR is because muscles burn more calories.

The best way to burn fat, and keep it off long term, is to do excercises that get you breathing hard for longer periods than 2 minutes. Don’t overdue it if you have any health concerns, but oxygen is what actually burns fat, so moderate excercise that elevates your heart rate and has you breathing a bit harder is what actually burns an animals fat deposits! This of course all goes hand-in-hand with a good diet. But, simply cutting calories is not always a long term solution! I hope this didn’t muddy the waters more! These are the same things I struggle with daily. The diet is hardest for me as well.

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@JustinMcClanahan – thanks for sharing! I have never heard of BMR and that lack of knowledge might explain some, certainly not all, of my plateaus.

I should mention that I am definitely no expert and it is always best to consult with a professional nutritionist, trainer, or physical therapist. A personal tip for overcoming plateaus is to switch up your routine from week-to-week or every few weeks. I was taught that our bodies adapt to the same routines so we see great initial returns and gains but then slowly plateau. Finding ways to switch up your exercise routine is helpful to avoid plateauing!

@JustinMcClanahan – I’m aware switching routine is good but I struggle with that because I have a few things I like, or are comfortable with due to my weight and plantar fasciitis, so I’m in a bit of a rut. I know there is more I can do but it is a matter of taking the time to find new things and the courage to try. I really like lifting weights but I can’t do too much due to cysts on my kidneys. Instead I try to use lighter weights and more reps and sets. Lack of consistency is my biggest downfall. Seems to be a theme here…

Thank you Justin for putting all of this in context and words that make sense:-)

@JustinMcClanahan Justin,no you did not add confusion at all, it’s more knowledge which is always a good thing. I tried a couple of different BMR calculators and they did differ. One of them asked your activity level, which I presume is a good thing.

This BMR calculator was much more encouraging, it said:
“According to your measurements, you need 1992.33 calories to keep your typical activity level going without any weight change. If you exercise or do activities beyond normal levels you will need to add calories to your diet to maintain your weight.”
I like that, the other one had me practically just eating water and not much else!
According to myfitnesspal I ate 1387 calories today, if I keep that up I will weigh 142.3 in five weeks. That gives me more incentive so hopefully tomorrow I will be able to keep it up.
I need to go back to myfitnesspal from a couple of years ago to see what I was eating because that was when I was really successful. There were actually some days when it told me I had to eat more, it will not do its calculations if your intake is below 1000 calories. Now I am always hungry though so that does not happen.

@lcamino @JustinMcClanahan I too struggle with varying my exercises. I really get more exercise in the water than in the gym but I know the weight application in the gym is good for me. The water though allows me to exercise vigorously for an hour + or – without much pain to my knees. I do always have foot cramps when I get out of the pool but they don’t last long.
I am thinking of going to pool class tomorrow morning and then in the afternoon perhaps returning and doing a stint in the gym. We will see…

@contentandwell – Sounds like you are an exercising machine! Make sure you don’t burn so many calories that you are out of energy and/or neglect the rest of your life, husband etc.

@contentandwell, the BMR calculators were helpful for me too, but as you noticed they aren’t 100% accurate so make sure to still consult with a professional over any questions you may have so that you are being safe.

I too need to spend more time in the pool. It is one of the overall activities for muscle building and cardiovascular health. Plus, I also have arthritic lower joints and a fake knee, so the water is awesome on those joints. I just need a kick in the butt to actually get in the pool more consistently. And, to lessen the frequency in which I make ice cream runs, it’s my Achilles heel.

@lcamino Lynn, I didn’t make it this morning. Not only was I tired because of so many nighttime bathroom trips but I don’t have as much incentive to go to the pool on Thursdays, I am not familiar with the teacher, whereas I love the teacher on W and F and usually the two who alternate Saturdays.
The rest of my life is OK, although I could do better around the house.

@JustinMcClanahan Justin, I am really on a run with the pool. I really like my health club and the people are all really nice there so that helps. I just hate the whole getting in and out of the bathing suit thing, having to take a shower get rid of the chlorine on my skin, all of that. The W and F instructor always keeps us going at a good pace to make it good cardio.
Ahh, ice cream, definitely a downfall with me too so I do not keep it in the house except when my daughter and her fiance visit. They are such addicts that she got an ice cream maker and they frequently make their own. I recently had a toasted coconut flavor at a little place that makes their own ice cream. It was incredibly good so I am thankful that was in Maine. It would be way too tempting if it was more close by. I mentioned to my daughter that I had an incredibly delicious ice cream there and before I told her the flavor she knew what I was going to say because she had it last year up there!
I tried that new lower calorie ice cream but it just did not cut it with me. Halo Top I think?