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Staying Motivated for the Long Haul

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I have been trying to lose weight for along time. Not eating procced foods, sugar and salt. Well it seems pretty hard when everything has those things in it. I will drink more juice but not more than a half a glass to take medicine. I try to drink at least 2 32oz. of water and maybe one coke a day. Then as far as fruit l buy a lot but sometimes to get to eat it everyday. I know that doesn’t help. And l like to eat green vegetables. I like beans but my husband doesn’t and l will eat yogurt and tapioca pudding. I guess that doesn’t help either. Then for breakfast l eat cereal, toast and slmetimes bacon or sausage but very really. Just when you a craving and sometimes pancakes. But not always because l hate to wait. And then l will walk my dogs and l have a little boy in the neighood who likes to walk with me. But its been awfully hot here the highest in the 100’s and sometimes in the 80’s in the evenings. When you don’t want to walk because you can’t drive and when someone comes home and you just have to get out. So what can a person do? And it seems like everytime l weigh myself up and down. And l think it might me sometimes the medicine and the doctors tell you to lose weight. And l have asked my doctor wish meds is causing me to lose weight. Its like a whrilwind.

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@techi, You have clearly described a struggle that many of us have been discussing! As you have noticed, you are not alone. The roller coaster weight is indeed frustrating. But the real important thing that I have been told to focus on is how I feel.

I realize that we are each dealing with different, and complicated, health issues/medications. So how we feel is entirely personal.

Is there any one thing that you are doing that has worked to make any improvement in how you feel? I would be interested to hear from you about it.

Oh l try to at probably but l definitely believe its my meds. Because before l was told about my liver. I asked my gastroenterologist about my liver and telling him l never had anything wrong with my liver. He said it was my meds so l am thinking about going to class for yoga or l was looking at getting a swim spa. But l have my little walking buddy who’s 9yrs old and we talk together because he thinks l am related to him. Also l talked to my doctor and he’s giving me premission to drive again. I asked him about how long have l not been driving? He said about 2-3yrs. Its been on and off and now l have to learn again, we just brought a new car.

@techi, Keep on taking care. And be careful with driving.