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Staying Motivated for the Long Haul

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@fessmom, I just came across your message. I am attaching this link and I encourage you to have a look.
I rely on the book as my guide. I am learning to make better food choices. And also how to incorporate some healthy habits into my daily routine. The Mayo Clinic Diet is actually a life long path to healthy eating, and weight loss/management. I am motivated to stick to it because I like the positive effect on my own health.
There is also a newsletter that I think that you might especially enjoy!. It offers encouragement, as well as suggestions for how to keep on going when veering off course.
@fessmom, After looking, what did you learn that might help you?
Looking forward to hearing from you, Rosemary

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Thank you for the link, @rosemarya

I have been following the Mayo Clinic Diet since March 2016 – I lost 40 pounds and have been taken off diabetes medication, but have gained 10 pounds since April (which, ironically, is when I stopped taking Metformin!) Knowledge is not my issue – follow through is. If I’ve learned anything, it’s this: every day for me will be a struggle and there are times when making healthy choices is easy and other times when it’s all I can do to force myself to step away from the fridge! My goal is to shorten the “out-of-control” periods and increase the “focused” periods in the hopes that one day healthy habits become second nature to me and every day I’m in control and focused.

Thanks for your post. Enjoy your day!


@rosemarya – Reading your link and the few posts above I think what I need to get me through the long haul is someone to keep me accountable and preferably someone who eats well and exercises regularly – a heath mentor.

@fessmom – I was just watching a video on the Mayo website about obesity and the doctor described it as a chronic condition and that really hit me. I think of my kidney disease or diabetes as a chronic condition but those who constantly struggle with eating and exercising as we should might have a chronic condition with obesity (whether it is being obese or keeping it at bay). That does not solve my problem but it does change how I think about myself being overweight.

@lcamino Lynn, it really is a chronic condition for some of us because we truly are food addicts. As I believe I mentioned before, just like an alcoholic can’t stop at one drink, a food addict gets going and can’t stop. I have read that food addiction is one of the most difficult to overcome because whereas with other addictions you cut the drug or alcohol out totally, with food you have to eat so it is always there tempting you.