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Kidney renal mass biopsy

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@trishanna, I can relate to the catnaps. Keep in mind that my surgery and recovery was from organ transplant, however, I used to nap daily during my recovery. Even now, I do not deprive myself of a good nap when my body wants one.

That you have a clean bill of health so far, sounds like a good thing.
It sounds like you are doing the right thing, to consult with specialists. One thing that I have experienced is that higher level specialists are best able to provide more answers and information about the 'rare' conditions. And that brings peace of mind, to at least know what is happening inside of our bodies and what we are facing.
I am completely unfamiliar with sarcoma, so I am happy that @kanaazpereira has provided some information for you to read and to prepare for your visit. I imagine that you already have loads of questions that you want answered. Are you writing them on as list as you think of them? Are you looking on your own for the additional doctors, or has your surgeon referred you to someone?


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Thanks for responding, @rosemarya. Yes, so far I feel quite fortunate. The questions regarding specialists is vexing, to say the least. My oncologist had to do research just to keep our first appt, admitted he knows zip about my condition, and recommended a (unknown) oncologist who handles only cases like mine and whose practice would be in some major center, like Chicago. Not particularly practical advice, but I'm assuming that eliminates everyone in our rather large geographical area. My case occurs in something like 0.07% of all sarcoma kidney cases, of which there are maybe 60!!! I do note your suggestion about questions - good idea - but answers are important so Santa is bringing me a hand-held recording device just in the nick of time. Appreciate everyone's advice, so I welcome any and all questions or suggestions you may have. BTW, how are you doing? Have you had any problems with what must have been a very difficult - liver and kidney - surgery!!! And while napping-needs have eased somewhat, I have decided to follow your lead and nap as necessary. And give up trying to keep to a schedule!!! Merry Christmas to us both - we've been good, don't you think?

@trishanna, I agree that wish for a Very Merry Christmas is a perfectly fitting for us!
We celebrated our family Christmas this past Sunday and for me, the 'Merry" is already happening! I hope that you are feeling okay, and that you can put your medical issues 'on hold' until after the holidays.

In response to your question about how I am doing: My rough part was the time and illness leading up to my transplant. After the transplant, my recovery was without incident, and I began to feel better immediately. I have been blessed, and everyday I am thankful for this gift. I try to take good care of these 'new' (8+ years) organs. I share the following article as a means of answering your question.

Good luck with mastering the recording device:-) Let me know how that works for you!