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Kidney renal mass biopsy

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Ha! My biggest scar is in the front lower right quadrant in the area of one's appendix, and it itches!!! Follow up with surgeon is the 8th - I've lots of questions so I'll just wait!! Complications include dispute over lungs /oxygen, and now cardiac? For that, I return to my GP next week!! Seems I was perfectly okay presurgery, and suddenly postsurgery not so good. Not especially concerned cause I left home to have my surgery and think all my new medical friends were worried, hopefully incorrectly!! So kind of you to ask. How long before you were able to resume physical activity? I am very worried about my back!!!! And how long did you tire easily?

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@trishanna - I remember the itching that accompanied the healing. Can you use a lotion on it? My dialysis nurses told me about a lotion called VaniCream. It worked for me after surgery on my dry skin. I find it at the pharmacists counter, not on the shelves.

I am happy that you will be able to see your GP soon to take care of you and to set your mind at ease. I hope that these complications not going to be a problem for you. Are you on many medications? it unfair to compare my timeline with yours because of entirely different procedures. My native kidney(s) were not removed. With my transplant surgery for liver and kidney, I remember that I could not lift ?? lbs for 2 months - I don't even remember.
Your body probably needs to rest to recover from this surgery.
I wish I could give you the answers that you are looking for! In the time between now and your doctor appointment, start a list of all your questions.

Well, my two-month surgical aniversary is Monday and I really have more questions than answers. I've recovered physically from the surgery, but still have two problems: I really have to still take catnaps, and blood has returned to my urine, very light and exactly as it was before surgery. Does anyone know if these are normal for my recovery period? Oh, and my "mass" turned out to be a sarcoma - both the type and location very rare. So, now I am seeking a urologist and oncologist experienced with the necessary follow-up. Thankfully, I've a clean bill of health so far.