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trishanna (@trishanna)

Kidney renal mass biopsy

Kidney & Bladder | Last Active: Nov 22, 2022 | Replies (29)

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Hi Trishanna,
Is this a new issue for you? I don’t recall you posting about kidney issues before. I’m bringing @kewpie8484 @predictable @lcamino and @upnorthnancy into this conversation, since I think they may have some related experiences with kidney cysts and/or testing. You might also be interested in reading this discussion:

– CYST ON KIDNEYS https://connect.mayoclinic.org/discussion/cyst-on-kidneys/

Have you called your urologist to follow-up? I don’t think I would wait for them to call you.

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Yes, new issue unfortunately – thanks, Colleen. Just wonder if I’m better off having surgery to remove whatever is there. It’s a problem. I’m a bit angry over what happened and no one has called. Do I get a second opinion from a radiologist or from a urologist?