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Candidiasis of esophagus

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I have had Thrush and it was terrible. It started with a sore throat that by the 3rd day was so awful I couldn’t swallow. The night before, I took my 3 am pill and it felt as if it had goeen stuck in my throat. I drank a lot of water but the “pill” never went away. My throat deep down was swollen. I looked in my throat the next morning and it and my mouth rooftop were deep red with white patches and one area was all white. It scared me so much I went to the ER. They thought it was esophageal thrush as I could feel every swallow all the way to my stomach and it was painful. They swabbed my throat to make sure it wasn’t strep (I’ve not heard back from them-will call today). They ordered Amoxicillan, prophylacticly, but I didn’t take it as I had read by then that it could make my problem worse.

My daughter’s husband died of ALS 3 years ago, but he apparently had thrush before he passed. She had some leftover Nystatin (4 years old) that I decided to gargle figuring it wouldn’t hurt and might help. When I saw my doctor after the weekend, he prescribed more Nystatin. I have gargled all of it and swallowed as he prescribed. Amazingly after 1 week, the thrush was gone! However, last night I began feeling that tightness in my laryngeal area, and my chest. Im afraid it is coming back. I ended my Nystatin on Saturday (2 days ago) and I yesterday I didn’t eat any greek yogurt. I have been doing that daily in an effort to get my system balanced again. My doctor also told me to take the Amoxicillan which I am doing.

My bariatric surgeon was going to schedule an endoscopy awhile back, so I need for him to do that now. I have been having trouble eating for 3 months now so i thought I might have an ulcer. Noe I’m wondering if candida has been the problem in my stomach too. Also, I had just seen my dermatologist a week before my throat problem for some outbreaks in the corners of my nose and the corners of my mouth. He said I had sebhoriac dermatitis that is caused by an overrun of fungus on my skin. Im sure all of this is related, but I can’t seem to get the doctors to acknowledge or even pay attention to the probability!

I will say that the Nystatin worked almost immediately to calm down my throat pain and white patches and redness. That is the best I’ve ever had a medicine work. I hope this is helpful to those who read it. I had posted in another subject (Immune system I think) but didn’t really get any responses that applied. This is the best place to post apparently. If anyone has more information, please post. Thanks, Gail B Ledesma

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Candida has returned to my mouth and throat with a vengeance. Any natural alternatives anyone could suggest to get rid of it?

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