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Arm pain

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Doc said now for bone marrow test. Plz help me wat are symtoms of bone cancer

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Hello @jiwanjot Thank you for your post. On Mayo Connect we offer support and encouragement for our Members however, we are not medical professionals and cannot diagnose diseases. I did find on Mayo’s website some information about bone cancer.
Here is the link http://mayocl.in/2slwvPg. At the bottom of the first page of the website is a place to “click” in order to find Symptoms & causes. This will give you more information. Have your mom’s doctors explained the reason for doing the bone marrow test? I would encourage you or your mom to talk with her doctor and try to understand why they are looking in this direction.

I understand how stressful the waiting process is when you have symptoms and there is no diagnosis. If you and your mom feel comfortable doing so, please share with us a little more about your mom’s symptoms and history of this problem. In the meantime, I wish you and your mom well as she awaits her bone marrow test. Teresa

Hello @jiwanjot,

I just wanted to follow up with your post.

Have you received any new information from your physician? What were the results of the bone marrow test?

Here are a few resources to do some preparation of receiving a hematological diagnosis:


We would love to hear more about the information you have received so we can better Connect you with other members and discussions taking place on Connect.

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