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Intermittent fecal/sulfur breath odor

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Hello @mikepr101 and welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect, a patient-to-patient support group.

I appreciate your posting about this difficult issue. I can understand your frustration as your job puts you in contact with people on a regular basis. While you mention trying various over-the-counter remedies you do not say that you have consulted a physician about this problem. Have you seen a GI doctor about testing to see how your digestive tract operates when you eat? Many in this discussion group have mentioned tests to see how long food stays in the digestive tract. There are also tests for SIBO which can help determine the cause of these odors.

Will you post again with an update as to how you are doing?

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I will absolutely update on my condition. So I have had 3 endoscopy done, seen 3 different GI doctors, had esophageal Manometry test and they all checked out to be good. My dentist says my mouth is in good condition and does not see why I should have bad breath. The last visit to my GI doctor it seems they believe my condition to be mental, for some reason the fowl odor does not appear when I am at the doctors office, why I don’t know.. my ENT had stated that for some reason I have gastric acids in my esophagus which was the reason for me having esophageal manometry test performed.
I do get acid reflux so I currently take prescription for Pepcid once a day and this helps with the acid not the fowl smell. I am trying now over the counter remedies for cleansing see if I have any different reactions. I would like to consult with a bacteriologist at Mayo Clinic in Florida but that’s out of network for me and in my brief conversation I believe Mayo Clinic requires several thousand dollars to be seen.