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Intermittent fecal/sulfur breath odor

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Same problem here. I fill up an entire room with a rotten smell. It's been a daily nightmare. I always wish that I can just be away from everything and live alone…

I've had this rotten smell for years and have tried many things. I tried a lot of diets, herbs, medicines for digestive issues to no avail. think my sinus is congested so I've been to ENT's, dentists, oral surgeon many times but they say there's nothing wrong.

Anyway, I had a Sinus CT scan a few months ago and impacted teeth were found. The'ye in the front of my mouth so they're not wisdom teeth. The ENT and oral surgeon that saw the CT scan both said they're fine and nothing needs to be done. I'm desperate so I went to another dentist/oral surgeon to ask to have the impacted teeth extracted. This will be in a few weeks. It's been a daily nightmare for years that I'm willing to try anything.

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Hi @dailysufferer – interesting that you mentioned your sinuses as a possible source. It reminds me of my husband’s very bad breath years ago. Same thing- it would fill a room, nauseating. He had no idea of this problem. I had to bring it up because I’m sure it was not different at work. He first went to see an ENT and was diagnosed with chronic sinusitis- he did not have many symptoms except for post nasal drip. He was put on antibiotics for 6 weeks and that smell has not returned.

I believe the smell is coming from the mouth and nose and not body. It is crazy to think something so bad can come from the mouth and fill up a room.