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Intermittent fecal/sulfur breath odor

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I have this same exact problem. I've been told I smell like rotten eggs, sewage and poop. It is socially crippling. There are certain things that make it worse, for example, if I have an alcoholic drink, eat beans/hummus, bananas, chocolate, fried foods or drink lemon water and certain teas. I would say the alcoholic drinks are the worst for me - after 2 minutes of consuming a drink I emit the odor and it's just continuous from there (with several comments of "who farted").

Another odd thing is when I have a cold or sinus infection, the smell is absolutely horrendous....it fills a room and people can smell me from many feet away.

The crazy thing about all of this is that I can rarely smell it. There was a time when I went back in my car after being out of it for a couple of minutes and I smelled it then.

Some other info - my tongue is always a light white color with white chunks in the back. I've had a two candida tests (a swab from my tongue and one from a stool analysis), but they were negative.

I'm pretty sure this is related also - my thumbs and pointer nails have beaus lines (horizontal grooves). Recently had blood work done and I'm not deficient in anything. My doctors do not know what they are from (asked my regular doctor and dermatologist about them). Also, my hair became very thin and is always shedding.

Digestion related issues: I sometimes have heartburn and am constipated occasionally.

Some other background info - a year ago I was tested positive for SIBO and I was treated with Xifaxin for two weeks. The smell never went away. I believe I do have some sort of dysbiosis (maybe hydrogen sulfide dysbiosis), but I think it's a different bacteria than what was tested when I was tested for SIBO. The test results showed an increase towards the end of the test (which I have read can be a false positive).

My life is a nightmare because of this. It makes me depressed and literally not want to do anything. Going to work everyday or doing anything socially is a struggle. I'm on a mission to solve this. I'm going to order a stool analysis test and will hopefully gain some insight into what's going on. If I come across any answers or anything that helps, I promise I will post it here.

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Same here. I have done a list of things to solve this. Have you had any luck?
3 upper endo's
gall bladder removed
tonsils removed
stopped eating red meat
I take probiotics
floss after each meal
monthly detox
gargle with salt and peroxide after each meal
Nothing works!

Same problem here. I fill up an entire room with a rotten smell. It's been a daily nightmare. I always wish that I can just be away from everything and live alone...

I've had this rotten smell for years and have tried many things. I tried a lot of diets, herbs, medicines for digestive issues to no avail. think my sinus is congested so I've been to ENT's, dentists, oral surgeon many times but they say there's nothing wrong.

Anyway, I had a Sinus CT scan a few months ago and impacted teeth were found. The'ye in the front of my mouth so they're not wisdom teeth. The ENT and oral surgeon that saw the CT scan both said they're fine and nothing needs to be done. I'm desperate so I went to another dentist/oral surgeon to ask to have the impacted teeth extracted. This will be in a few weeks. It's been a daily nightmare for years that I'm willing to try anything.

Wow you explained what I have perfectly. Except without the horizontal lines on finger nails. I’ve been dealing with this for 20 years do you think it could be a hidden tonsil stone ?

Friend can you give us an update?