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Intermittent fecal/sulfur breath odor

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I do not know anything about zinc except that I am taking it & I have so bad reactions to it. I mentioned oil of oregano & grapefruit seed oil as they may kill of the underlying cause of your symptoms. You should go to a health store or natural path dr. & explain what is happening to you. They will help kill off – not mask symptoms. I can not use bone broth, biotin or any bone formulas as I have severe reactions to all of them as I have a gene mutation keeping me from making protein from beef, buffalo, etc. I'm sorry I can not help on what you mentioned about zinc & bone formula. I really think you might have a parasite or fungal infection that could be causing all your health issues as you drank contaminated water. Or maybe you had a open wound when you were in the water or it got in through your sinuses. There are so many unanswered & unaddressed issues like these by doctors that just do not care or will not take the time to understand.

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Did you get it fix now and what did they prescribe you?I'm going through the same thing I think I got it from contaminated food and water