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Intermittent fecal/sulfur breath odor

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Hi there,
And 1st off I am so sorry that you have been experiencing these horrible symptoms. I to have had really unusual symptoms w/ more that just digestion & bad breath. My face swelled up 3 times the size it was normally, burning tongue & feet, neuro problems & many other strange symptoms that I won't mention as the list goes on & on. I was a mess & all the different doctors I saw thought I was crazy. I was tested for all kinds of bacteria, fungus, parasites, etc. & nothing showed up as a red flag. I thought I was going to die - really, but I was not giving up. My neuro dr. sent me to National Jewish Hospital where my C Reactive protien levels were thru the roof & RA blood work off the charts. I did not get on the meds they wanted me on as I opted to go the natural routeI with a natural path Dr. and was put on Oil of Oregano & Grapefruit Seed Oil, SamE, & Magnesium. Turns out that I am now 80% better & all this may have been caused by candidia overgroth in my intestins & sinuses. My point is you need to fig=ht hard for your health & sometimes you have to try alternative route. Please see a natural pathic dr. Or maybe go to a health store & try the Oil of Oregano & Grapefruit seed Oil. They killed off some nasty stuff in me that NO test showed results for. Good luck to you & God bless you too.

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Ypur response gibes me hope. Doctors think that I am crazy, too. Will try some other methos, too.