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Intermittent fecal/sulfur breath odor

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I appreciate all that you shared and have traveled a very similar path. In addition to exhausting all of the medical options presented to me (I will list them here in case any are of interest: multiple endoscopies (including one with a Bravo study to measure ph levels), colonoscopy, gastric emptying study, barium swallow test, multiple stool tests and lab work, and hydrogen/methane breath test), I also explored the holistic path (black walnut parasite cleanse, DGL, HCL, enzymes, ginger tea, grapefruit seed extract, and much more).

It seems we have found ourselves in a very similar place = our breath smells like poop.

Currently, I have become interested in studying SIBO caused from sulfur producing bacteria (the current test only measures hydrogen and methane) as well as focusing much more closely at specific dietary changes.

I know that meat exacerbates my issues (I can measure this by my kids saying things like "your breath smells like a rotten garbage")

To be clear, I have seen the dentist numerous times as well as an ENT, both pointed me back to the gut.

I am also an athlete (yoga 5x per week), lean body with an organic plant based diet with very little meat.

None of this is working and my GI is unsure of what to do next.

I also went to see multiple allergists and all of the results were negative.

What is interesting about these and related posts is that despite incredibly strong foul smelling breath (which is important evidence that something is wrong) no one has an answer.

Like many of you I now brush multiple times a day. So....how is it that 2 minutes after brushing and flossing others are smelling feces from one's mouth???

For me, all of this began in Costa Rica in 2006. After returning my gut was never the same. Bloating. Reflux. And for the last 5 years breath.

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I'm just joining this group and noticed your posts. As many have said, you are not alone. And, while I hate that you have to deal with this, I'm a bit relieved to know someone else is trying to sort out symptoms that seem incredibly similar to mine. To the best of my ability, my GI and funky breath issues began shortly before or after my arrival in Honduras in 2005, while serving in the military. Like you, I have had multiple tests and procedures with similar remarks like it must be your IBS, etc. My dentist couldn't find a reason, although I've had gum recession. This is likely due to over brushing in an attempt to remove the foul taste in my mouth. Within a few minutes of brushing my teeth, my mouth tastes like it never happened, to the point that I have absent-mindedly brushed again, Like you, I have wondered about parasites, especially given the location I was in. My labs come back negative. With the exception of occasional low blood glucose, everything seems "normal", which is exceedingly frustrating. I will update this post if I come across anything that may help. I wish you and others all the best as we try to figure out the reasons for this life-altering condition.

I am experiencing the exact same problems. For about 8 years now. I just went to the dentist a month ago. Nothing there is causing it. My dentist said there are three things that causes bad breath. Gums, nasal or stomach. The ent found nothing. Actually I have been to several ent doctors. Also several dentist. I’ve had several CT scans with contrast. They found nothing. I recently visits doctor who ordered blood test for amalayse. (I hope I spelled it correctly) It’s an enzyme that is made by both the pancreas and salivary glands. There is something about my saliva that I just can’t seem to figure out. It seems this is where the problem is. After finding out about the elevated enzyme she ordered an ultrasound of my abdomen. The results showed a dialated pancreatic duct in the distal portion. And a fatty liver. The doctor said it comes from eating too many carbs. My body does not seem to digest carbs and sugar. I am waiting on a CT scan . My insurance company denied it. So my PCP is sending me to a Gastroenterologist. Hopefully they will approve it. From what I have read on google. A dilated duct could be a tumor. Also high risk for cancer. When the duct is blocked the digestive enzymes are not released. I have always said my food is not digesting properly because can smell everything eat. My poop smells very bad. The smell is also coming through my nose. I know for sure it is in my nose and throat. My breath can fill up a room. It has a fecal/sour smell. I’m not sure if it is coming from my body. I have heard vitamin b2 may help. It is Riboflavin. I will keep everyone posted. I will have a phone conference on April 23 due to coronavirus. I hope to have the scan as soon as all this is over. My doctor just got my results from the sibo test. I hope to get those this week. Good luck.

I too suffer the same issues, breath that smells like feces, I had co workers tell me it’s smelled like a dead rat also and surprisingly caught a whif of it myself. After a couple weeks of nose rinses and some antibiotics cream to nasal the dead rat dissipated but the feces smell remains unfortunately I cannot smell it out here do. Like you guys I tried everything including fasting for a week in daytime only eating dinner started on a Sunday- Friday experiment ( this seamed to help I believe not sure as not everyone is vocal enough to say it smells like sh*t). I couldn’t keep that up for long as I felt week. I done some research and I am currently trying to detox the liver in hopes of cleansing the blood. My diet will remain the same but I will try to reduce foods that can cause high levels of yeast production in mouth. I believe the issue might be due to blood contamination and perhaps in lungs but they can also be correlated. Drinking Hepagaurd, lots of water with grapefruit seed extract and Yogi detox teas. Let’s see what happens... anyone else have any feedback please let me know.. this is very depressing as my work requires me to be social and speak with others daily.