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Intermittent fecal/sulfur breath odor

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Yea, Most everything under the sun has been tried, including probiotics and enzymes (pancreatic too).

And that's what I thought, regarding the nitazoxanide, but the parasite tests-- so far-- have come up negative. That and I had to properly motivate the doctor to take that seriously and test for them. This is the same doctor who wouldn't take the parasite thing seriously after telling her I worked in a sewer as punishment for a couple weeks and that the water supply for the dorms frequently came out different colors at least once a month, and I, like an idiot drank from it on a semi regular basis. With a straight face, she asked me how I knew the water supply at my old base was contaminated if the base never sent us an informative letter. Apparently she has faith in the government being 100% honest with its armed forces and the public in general

Anyway, one more parasite test will be completed, fecal and blood work, some time next week, and then that'll be crossed off the list. If so, I need one great specialist to take this up and start investigating. There are many others out there having the same problem and if someone could help dx and treat the issue for good, I guarantee they'd have a large group of people travelling from around the country to seek the same help.

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Thanks for your detailed answer. I agree that we need one great specialist to take up these matters up and investigate. I am 87 and live in British Columbia, Canada, where our health care dollar is being stretched to shreds. Seeing you the very best wishes. Be sure to let us know how you fare.

Be careful about antibiotics, especially some that are prescribed by dentists.
This stuff is handed out like candy and one in particular given to me without the support of a probiotic to be taken at a later time destroyed the balance in my intestinal bacterial flora, gut bacteria and leaving me with a permanent problem in my digestive track that seems difficult to decipher even by the most qualified professionals.
After seeing many specialists,
I finally found an amazing GP that nailed it down.
I still have problems but it is much less.
A friend as well had something similar and both of us benefitted from reducing acid foods and drink(colas etc), adding pro & prebiotics and using ginger based food and drink but it took around a month to get substantial and lasting change.

Hey have your bad breath been solved I’m dealing with the same issue but no doctor is helping me @pbleonar