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Non arteritic ischemic optic neuropathy

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Hello Weezy 1939….I was diagnosed with NAION last July…end of the month, 2018….in my left eye….I"ve lost central and to the inner eye vision, only seeing above, below and peripheral to the right….my problem is I'm very nearsighted in that eye so vision is limited, however I do have sight in my right eye and am very afraid it will happen in that eye as well. I can't imagine having it in both. Did your's come on simultaneously, or separately? and did it come quickly, or overnight?

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Hi, @greyhound3, I lost most of my vision in right eye overnight in 2011. I lost my peripheral vision and all except upper right. Most of the time I forgot about the loss of vision in that eye except after almost two accidents I looked to my right several times at a stop sign.This past winter I lost vision in my left eye gradually and thought my lack of eyesight was due to cataracts which I do have. I don’t have any peripheral vision and can’t see under my nose . Please keep in touch as this condition seems to be extremely rare.

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