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Non arteritic ischemic optic neuropathy

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Hello @mlbondurant! Welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. Thank you for posting.

I was able to find a direct link to a clinical study being done at Mayo Clinic on patients diagnosed with Acute Non-Arteritic Anterior Ischemic Optic Neuropathy. http://www.mayo.edu/research/clinical-trials/cls-20253809?_ga=2.31784446.1138617771.1501254969-1319936131.1497643163.

If reaching out to the Mayo Clinic is an option for you please refer to this link for appointment information. http://mayocl.in/1mtmR63

@mlbondurant, can you tell me what you have been doing thus far to protect your eye? Did your Ophthalmologist give you any suggestions?

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Thanks for the link Jamie. I’ll check out the study when I get a chance. The ophthalmologist I first went to and saw three times,–initial visit, results of lab tests and then MRI, reported her diagnosis and then said “take care of yourself.” She did offer to refer me to a neuro ophthalmologist who saw me twice. His suggestion was to take a daily baby aspirin and perhaps have my gp do a sleep study on me. My partner can attest I do not have sleep apnea and I’m hesitating to take aspririn every day. I am taking resveratrol daily, based on the recommendation of an ophthalmologist who is a physician for a friend of my mother’s. I have been doing acupuncture and Chinese herbs. The western medicine folks all say there is no treatment for NAION and hopefully I won’t have an occurrence in my other eye. Thanks for your interest!

Pedie, my age and story is exactly like yours- thanks for sharing! If taking resveratrol or anything else has helped please share it with me. I am willing to try acupuncture, herbs, etc. Please share and thank you!

is the study closed? Did they find out anything?

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