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Rosemary, Volunteer Mentor (@rosemarya)

Summertime and Food Choices

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@rosemarya I really miss those things too. I still miss having a glass of wine, and I actually miss the whole wine culture as much as I miss the wine! We used to go almost annually to wine country in CA when we went to visit my step-son who lived in the SF area. That was fun. Now I have my little indulgences in things like HINT water, and I recently found some iced tea bags with a touch of fruit in them that are fabulous, .
I am not a fan of wedding and baby showers (nor is my daughter who will be getting married sometime soon who absolutely does not want a shower), and I thought I had an out from going to a baby shower coming up but the person having it said she will have the kitchen make up a special plate of food for me before it goes out to the buffet. There went my excuse. I sound like a real scrooge, huh?
My daughter is independently of my feelings, even worse. She won’t even do a wedding registry because she does not want people to feel that she is asking for gifts.

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JK, I wish we lived near each other! I can imagine us, sipping iced tea or water with a slice of lemon (rinsed, od course) in the shade! I, too, do not enjoy attending showers. I was fortunate that my daughter-in-law did not want one, either.

It is very thoughtful of the hostess to have a prepared plate prepared for you before it hits the buffet:-)

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