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Summertime and Food Choices

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@colleenyoung Colleen, regarding food safety I just go by what is pretty standard practice, making sure things are not out of the fridge for too long, and things like that. I have also become very careful of any fruit has been around for a while. I guess fruit that has been around can have bacteria or something making it not a good thing if you are on immunosuppressants.
Speaking of food and all, it has been suggested to me that I not eat salads and other roughage due to a lower digestive problem (trying to express that politely). They have modified my medications and the problem is not as bad as it was but it has not gone. I generally live on salads, have one for lunch and a side salad for dinner. Arrrgggg, what to eat now since I also try to be conservative about carbs, being mildly diabetic. I had a PCP appointment today and he suggested I try metamucil, obviously after checking with my transplant team. I just want to eat salads again!

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JK, I agree that making food safety a standard practice is the best policy. I think that I remain super vigilant, because at 8 years, I do not allow myself to let down my guard (and my husband is even more watchful for my safety). For me, it is the outdoor fests that put me to the test! Of course – wash hands has become as natural as breathing.

Our town will be hosting a huge brass band festival in early June. And Friday night is a street party with Cajun foods and drinks (think Bourbon Trail Route) – an there is me; liver transplant rules out the beverage selection, and I do not feel comfortable eating from vendors. So I pack myself a treat and my water, my beverage of choice. I used to get angry that I could not indulge, but then I learned a neat thing from an elderly relative who had lost her taste, but retained her marvelous attitude. She said, “I remember how good it used to taste.” I use that a lot:-)

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