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cPAP silicone allergy

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@dancingcat The web page does leave a lot to be desired but I think this is a direct link to the one for the Dreamwear Nasal Pillow mask — https://www.padacheek.com/product-page/barrel-cozy-for-dreamwear-nasal-pillows-only.

@starfish had a similar problem and I believe switched to the cloth mask by Circadiance and may have some suggestions for you. Here is a link to their masks: https://circadiance.com/sleepweaver/

Are you able to work with your sleep medicine doctor or a local sleep medicine store and sleep therapist to help with the problem?

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Thanks very much. This is the mask that I have. I have just sent a message to Pad a Cheek asking what the material is that contacts the nose directly. From the photos, it does not look to be cloth like the rest of the item. I do hope it is not silicone.

If I cannot find anything suitable myself, I will need to contact the provider of my CPAP. My sleep medicine MD didn't seem to know very much about the device when I saw him when I first started to use the CPAP.

This is a great forum. Thanks again.