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cPAP silicone allergy

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In the past month or so, my nose and surrounding area has become red. I have used a CPAP for years with the same type of mask, with silicone cushions, for most of this time with no such problem. Of the many different styles of masks that I had tried, this one, the under-the-nose DreamWear mask, is the most comfortable. I am looking for a solution.

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Hello @dancingcat, Welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. The CPAP mask is part that gives most of us the trouble. I think I have been through 6 or 7 different masks. I currently use a ResMed AirFit F20 full face mask with a CPAP comfort cover cover (https://cpapcomfortcover.com/). I tried the Dreamweaver under the nose mask but I have a deviated septum which causes issues with the nose breathing and it didn't work for me. I did find a padded cover that may help with nose and surrounding area problem you are having. The cloth cover made all the difference in the world for me. Here's a mask liner that works for your mask – https://www.padacheek.com/dreamwear-full-face

Another solution is the Sleepweaver line of non silicone masks: https://circadiance.com/sleepweaver/.

Dreamweaver was by far the most comfortable mask for me also when I was able to breath successfully through my nose. Now that I see someone has made a cloth cover I may switch back to the Dreamweaver mask (if I can find it!). Have you tried using a cloth cover between the mask and your face?