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cPAP silicone allergy

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So, coming up on a month with the Airtouch mask and things are going well. No skin irritation or breakdown. So far this mask is a win! Not showing any wear on the mask/cushion as yet. Bottom line: I am loving this mask! My husband has even expressed interest in trying the mask himself, which is saying a lot.

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Does the Airtouch make a better seal than the traditional one? I switched to the nasal from the full face, and from CPAP to BIPAP. My sleep study indicated that the nasal mask performed better than the full face, so the doctor had me change. Maybe you didn’t have trouble with leaking.


Jim, I can’t personally compare the Airtouch to the standard full face mask as prior to starting with the Airtouch I was using a nasal mask (Lady ZestQ). I switched to the full face because the Airtouch is not available in a nasal mask. However, my daughter and son-in-law were recently here for a visit. I was telling my daughter about my new mask and when I pulled it out to show her, she started laughing and said, “That’s (my husband’s) mask!” My son-in-law has severe apnea and his cPAP is set at a high pressure. He has had many problems with air leaks and has tried a number of different masks. My daughter said he loves the Airtouch and has had no problem with leaks since he switched to it. (Personally I feel I have fewer problems with air leaks with the Airtouch and I feel that I am sleeping better since I switched. That is subjective; I haven’t had my stats reviewed so don’t have any quantitative/qualitative data on that.) I hope this helps. So far, I’m sold on the Airtouch. 🙂