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I just was fitted with the ResMed Airtouch mask yesterday. It has a memory foam cushion layered on the silicone mask, so what actually comes in contact with the skin is the memory foam rather than the silicone. I had to switch to a full-face mask from the nasal as the Airtouch is not available in the nasal. Used the mask for the first time last night--no skin irritation or pressure marks at all! I am encouraged and hope this will be my answer. Couple of caveats: the foam cushion cannot be washed with soap and water so cleaning the mask requires using cleaning wipes rather than washing with soap and water. The tech who did the fitting stated that fragrance-free baby wipes can be substituted since the cPAP cleaning wipes are a little pricey. My pulmonologist indicated that over time the memory foam can become brittle and pieces can break off; that remains to be evaluated since I just got the mask. I am hoping this will be a long-term solution. We'll see...

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Thank you so much for posting. I have just started to get irritation around my mouth under my nose....I use the Phillips Amara full face mask. I really do not want to start using a mask liner....getting ready for bed is complicated enough!

Only had cpap a couple weeks and even with cloth liners I am getting an increase of itchy welts from mask. Was just fitted with this mask because of the lack of silicone. Hope it works better.