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Lisa, my sleep quality is fine. I have no trouble going to sleep or staying asleep. It's just the skin breakdown from the mask that is the problem. The mask doesn't feel uncomfortable, but if it comes in contact with my skin for a period of time I develop open sores. As long as I maintain a barrier between the mask and my skin, I do fine. I found a cloth barrier (can't think of the name right now) that fits over the mask and has an elastic rim holding it in place. The problem is it comes without a breathing hole; you have to cut the material to the size that best fits you and your mask. That is a real challenge, and the first one I cut I cut too large and it didn't cover the mask totally once the elastic slid into place. That may not make sense, but I don't know how else to describe it. I am hoping I will be able to do a better fit the next time. The covers are rather pricey but can be used for an extended period of time so they may be worth the cost if I can just figure out the size/shape of the hole to cut. It's been a frustrating problem, but I will continue to look for possible solutions. (In reference to the eyeglasses nose pad issue, the last pair of glasses I went with the plastic frames and have had no skin breakdown from them. I much prefer the metal frames with the extended nose pads, but it looks like that is no longer an option for me 🙁 )

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I recently changed from a CPAP to a BIPAP, and at the same time switched from the full face mask that I'd used for 15+ years to nasal pillows. I've been having some trouble with my nose since the change, and I'm experimenting with creams applied to the inside of my nose. So far, an aloe cream has helped the most. I wonder if you've tried a salve or cream barrier. Medicare allows two pillows each month, so I'm not as worried about the cushion deteriorating. The sleep doctor told me, when I was still using the face mask, that I should wash my face every night because the skin oils deteriorate the cushion.

I have several different creams to try, and I'll keep you posted as to what effect each one has, if any.

I'd never heard of the cloth barrier. Do you get it from the CPAP supply store?


Jim, the cloth cover is called Comfort Cover http://cpapcomfortcover.com/ I think if I can figure out the correct size opening to cut it will work very well, but that's a challenge as the fabric stretches once the cover is placed on the mask. I think it's a matter or cut and try until you get the correct cut, but it could be a pricey process since the covers cost about $35 for a pack of two. I've postponed cutting the second one (procrastinated is probably more accurate) because I don't want to mess up a second one. The web site does have some video instructions. I figure I will take a little time to watch and really study the videos before cutting the second one. I have considered using a salve or cream barrier, but I have atopic dermatitis and react to so many topical substances I am hesitant to try something along those lines. I would appreciate your input on the creams you try; maybe it will be worthwhile taking a chance on one of them working and not causing any irritation. I just saw today that ResMed has come out with a mask that has a memory foam cushion rather than the silicone, so maybe that may be the answer to my problem. Hoping...